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Modern Fleet of Refrigerated, Chiller, Reefer Trucks

Afridi Refrigerated Transport is a well establish and known refrigerated transport brand in U.A.E. The division carries a wealth of experience for the transportation of refrigerated goods, having serviced a customer base that ranges from the transportation of semi-perishable goods to chilled dairy products to frozen goods. Customers vary from the catering sector to the major cold chain distribution companies.

Best & Latest Vehicles in Town

Afridi Refrigerated Transport is a leader in commercial truck rental and leasing, Our company is known for providing the finest trucks & refrigerated vehicles. The versatile vehicles have the flexibility of running off diesel or three-phase electric power supplies. The temperatures for distributing products vary from 4 deg C for fresh dairy products to -30 deg C for products such as ice cream.

Refrigerated Trucks Dubai

Refrigerated Trucks DubaiRefrigerated Trucks Dubai has been established for 15 years. We are the Best Refrigerated Trucks & Vans Rental & Transportation Solutions. We've tried and tested every known combination of trucks, vans, refrigeration units and vehicle body there is to offer, we have the ultimate combination of latest model vehicles and equipment in the market, Quality refrigeration Units and thermally insulated trucks and vans from 1 Ton to 15 Tons.

Our fleet of modern, well-presented vehicles are available to deliver anywhere in the UAE or GCC, as swiftly as possible. You can be assured of a prompt, courteous and professional service from our office staff and our experienced drivers.

Refrigerated Trucks Dubai is here to service both individuals and companies when they require assistance in moving cold chain deliveries, pharmaceuticals, catering, and special events throughout U.A.E and GCC.  The Refrigerated Trucks Dubai has grown to be one of the largest and most successful transportation companies in U.A.E with its own unique style and culturePride and excellent service are our standards. The differences provide you with a well-rounded selection of top quality carriers.

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  [caption id="attachment_2084" align="alignnone" width="300"]Refrigerated Trucks Dubai Best Refrigerated Trucks Rental in Dubai[/caption] Afridi Refrigerated Transport is the proud rental & lease provider of specialised transport systems and refrigerated trucks. Bringing together more than 30 years of refrigeration engineering experience, Afridi Refrigerated Transport provides a diverse range of custom transport and specialised food vending equipment that is the highest quality available today. Afridi Refrigerated Transport continues to be a market leader in the refrigerated transport and food distribution industries. Our bodies are recognizable by their superior quality, individual workmanship and special customized designs for U.A.E needs. To maintain our place as market leaders and innovators, We are continually designing and developing new specialised food vending products that suit many individual specifications. These designs integrate our unique off-engine drive and 240/415v electric stand-by refrigeration systems and purpose built display and storage areas. Our customers are rewarded with much more than a first class, they are rewarded with exceptional personalised and prompt service as well as ongoing support from a family owned and operated company. At Afridi Refrigerated Transport we know that honesty and integrity must go hand in hand with the best products and services available.

Best Refrigerated Trucks, Freezer Trucks & Chiller Trucks Rental in Dubai

Best Refrigerated Trucks, Freezer Trucks & Chiller Trucks Rental in Dubai

Refrigerated Trucks Dubai is the perfect solution for transporting goods that need to be kept at a specific temperature throughout the journey. They are commonly used for transporting food products, but can also be used for transporting hazardous, or other, goods that require a specific temperature range during transport. Although they are a relatively specialized vehicle most major commercial vehicle rental depots have at least one refrigerated truck for rental in their fleet of vehicles. There are a variety of sizes when it comes to this type of truck. The smallest of these are refrigeration vans that cater for a small amount of cargo. The largest refrigerated trailers are semi trailer models that require a tractor to tow them. These can haul a surprisingly large amount of refrigerated goods and are, generally, only required in special circumstances. As previously mentioned a refrigerated truck is most commonly used for food items that will spoil if not kept within a certain temperature range. This may include; meat and dairy products, seafood, fruits and vegetables, frozen products and any other product that may spoil. They are also required, on occasion, for medical supplies and hazardous good that need to be kept at a low temperature for safety reasons. Most refrigeration units can cater for a wide variety of temperature ranges, but a quality unit will be required if freezing is required.

Refrigerated Truck Rentals Dubai

We offer short term and long term refrigerated truck and van rental options. We have built our business by developing solid business relationships with our Customers and Suppliers. Our aim is to satisfy every Customer need that may be required for a successful rental outcome. We see our suppliers as an integral part of our business and take a priority in keeping abreast of the latest Vehicle standards & Refrigeration technology. For all your refrigerated truck rental and hire needs do not hesitate to contact us. We thank you for entering our site and trust you will give us an opportunity to provide you with a satisfactory Rental Vehicle Solution.

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We Offer Wider Range of Reefer Vehicle Fleet, Trucks & Vans Starting from 1.ton to 1.5 tonn, have a Capacity to store in starting from 2 Pallets to 20 Pallets, Temp Controls of +20 to 0 degrees. Refrigerated Trucks Dubai is the perfect solution fortransporting goods that need to be kept at a specific temperature throughout the journey. They are commonly used for transporting food products, but can also be used for transporting hazardous, or other, goods that require a specific temperature range during transport. Although they are a relatively specialized vehicle most major commercial vehicle rental depots have at least one refrigerated truck for rental in their fleet of vehicles.
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